Who we invest in

We invest in athletes in several ways. We put money into the high performance programmes of national sport organisations of targeted sports and those which receive campaign investment from High Performance Sport New Zealand, and we also provide performance support to athletes. 

We provide elite athletes with a range of free services, such as strength and conditioning training, performance and technique analysis, planning, mental skills training, physiotherapy and nutrition advice.

We provide Performance Enhancement Grants, to help athletes with living costs so that they can concentrate on training and competing, and we administer the Prime Minister's Scholarships programme, to help athletes and coaches further their academic or professional development.

We also provide support around technology, events and facilities.

National Sports Organisations

Targeted and campaign investment is provided to national sport organisations to support athletes and teams within their high performance programmes.


Campaign funding, carding support, scholarships and performance enhancement grants are available. 


Investment is in coach performance, programme scholarships, and the Coach Accelerator programme.

Support teams and officials 

Support team scholarships and officials scholarships are available.