What we do

Work in partnership to deliver a high performance system that enables our athletes to excel on the world stage

New Zealand has an amazing legacy of winning on the world stage. But exceeding expectations can never be taken for granted. We must never stand still and hope for one-off moments of brilliance.

HPSNZ works together with National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) to enable and empower world class performances that inspire New Zealanders.

To ensure repeatable success for New Zealand on the world stage, we target specific sports and campaigns. We focus on the performance pathways, wellbeing and engagement and funding and investment for those sports.

In the daily training environment, we place carefully chosen teams of experts around elite athletes and coaches, and through a holistic and collaborative approach with NSOs, provide the additional resources, knowledge and inspiration needed to enhance their world-beating capability.


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“The key elements of New Zealand’s competitive advantage come through our partnerships with sports, trusting relationships within the high performance sport system, the care for our people and our ability to be agile and act decisively.”
Strategic Priority #1

Performance Pathways

Greatly enhanced performance pathways for athletes and coaches delivering an accessible national performance network (national performance hubs and regional performance pods) for the development of future talent, while providing our elite athletes and coaches with the support they need to become world class.

Strategic Priority #2

Wellbeing and Engagement

Enriching performance environments that empower and support individuals to reach their potential and enhance their ability to thrive in their sporting and non-sporting lives.

Strategic Priority #3

Funding and Investment

An expanded and more agile funding and investment framework, enabling investment in more sports through an Aspirational Fund, more athletes to be identified earlier and more communities engaged and inspired by New Zealand’s success.

The Sports We Work With

Our targeted approach supports both targeted and campaign sports. It’s a balanced portfolio that’s wide enough to ensure we have enough medal opportunities, and narrow enough to impact performance and increase the chances of repeatable success.

To achieve this, we work in partnership and collaboration with the following targeted national sports organisations:

Podium Sports

Athletics New Zealand

The national governing body for athletics in New Zealand

Canoe Racing New Zealand

The national governing body for canoe racing in New Zealand

Cycling New Zealand

The national governing body for cycling in New Zealand

Equestrian Sports New Zealand

The national governing body for equestrian in New Zealand

Netball New Zealand

The national governing body for netball in New Zealand

Rowing New Zealand

The national governing body for rowing in New Zealand

New Zealand Rugby

The national governing body for rugby in New Zealand

Yachting New Zealand

The national governing body for sailing in New Zealand

Snow Sports New Zealand

The national governing body for snow sports in New Zealand

Paralympics New Zealand

The national Paralympic committee for New Zealand

NZ Olympic Committee

The national Olympic committee for New Zealand

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