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Inspiring Performance

Key Contact
Jamie Fitzgerald, Director
Contact details
Support Areas
EXPERTISE, Media and Communication, Leadership, Planning, General Expertise

The Offer

Jamie is offering carded athletes the opportunity to one on one and group sessions on planning, speaking and leadership development at a significant discount.  Athlete Life will also look to use Jamie for delivering athlete workshops on these topics

With a focus on employment skills athletes may be able to use scholarship funding for sessions.

How to access:

  1. Contact your Athlete Life Advisor to discuss your options
  2. Initial contact with Jamie to determine best programme for your learning
  3. Confirm funding options with your advisor
  4. Begin sessions


Jamie Fitzgerald is a world-class adventurer, international rower, motivational speaker and leadership development consultant, providing tools that will inspire you to achieve more.

Translating strategic thinking and tactical planning into practical steps makes Jamie one of New Zealand's most booked motivational speakers. Working domestically and internationally with clients in change management, programme development, instructional design and strategy implementation means he is also a well sought after leadership development and management consultant and facilitator.