How We Do It

Athlete Health and Wellbeing

Improving athlete health and wellbeing to optimise performance

We find ways to reduce the chances of injury and illness - two of the biggest obstacles to success our athletes face
focus areas
  • Athlete Life
  • Performance Nutrition
  • Performance Physiology
  • Performance Psychology
  • Performance Therapies
  • Sports Medicine
  • Strength and Conditioning

Identifying when athletes are most susceptible to injury is crucial to the work our team carries out each day.

This knowledge enables them to develop prehabilitation techniques and interventions which reduce the likelihood of preventable injuries and illness.

When injury does occur, having this individualised approach means we’re able to intensify rehabilitation which can shorten injury recovery time – enabling the athlete to return to training and competition more quickly. This balance of prehabilitation and rehabilitation is based on a holistic and collaborative approach across many disciplines including: Sports Medicine, Performance Physiology, Performance Physiotherapy and Massage & Athlete Life.

Health & wellbeing disciplines

Athlete Life

The Athlete Life Programme helps athletes maximise their performance in sport as well as in outside life.  With each athlete we develop a Life Plan which includes career, education and other life goals, helping to support them manage the transitions they make during and after their sporting careers.

Performance Nutrition

The Performance Nutrition Programme provides world class evidence-based nutritional support to our athletes and coaches. They tailor sport specific nutrition strategies for individual athletes during their training and competition phases, aiming to positively affect their performance on the world stage.

Performance Physiology

Our Performance Physiologists specialise in understanding how the body responds and adapts to training, competition and the environment to enhance performance.

Performance Psychology

Our Performance Psychologists work with coaches and athletes to develop their ability to excel in high performance environments. They do this by sharpening the psychological, technical and tactical competencies needed to be competitive.

What We Do

Our major focus in the Physiotherapy and Massage team is to evaluate the individual athlete through the lens of their sport/discipline and identify areas where movement patterns may contribute to future injury

How We Do It

Through this process we can work proactively with athletes’ coaches as an integrated team to improve movement efficiency, muscle balance and force transfer during functional and sport specific movement patterns and identify when and why movement may breakdown resulting in an injury

Performance Therapies

Our network of experienced practitioners deliver performance focussed solutions in training and competition environments. We work collaboratively within the performance team to optimise athletic potential and minimise absence from sport due to injury through effective rehabilitation and injury prevention programmes.

Sports Medicine

Our Doctors are experts in the delivery of sports medicine to elite athletes, having a broad understanding of health and performance. Taking a holistic and collaborative approach to injury and illness diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, the medical team plays and important role in optimising athlete health and performance.

Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning specialists develop and enhance physical capability through evidence based support. Working collaboratively with the athlete, coach and performance team, we target the individual needs of the athletes to maximise physical potential for optimal sporting performance.