How We Do It

Campaign Consultancy, Coaching & Leadership

Improving performance through campaign consulting, coaching and leadership

We adapt our capability building approach based on context and readiness to improve skills and expertise that enable performance.

As the team behind the team, everything we do is focussed on enhancing New Zealand’s high performance sports capability to create long term sustainable and repeatable success.

Campaign Consultancy

We provide the expertise and knowledge to help coaches and athletes plan training campaigns which will promote peak performance at pinnacle events. We ask them how they want their future performance to look, and together we develop a plan to enable them to deliver a winning performance when it matters most.

Being able to offer an external as well as expert perspective is valuable to coaches and athletes because they can sense check their ideas and strategies for a competition which could be up to eight years away. We also have the experience to anticipate things they may not have considered, and we always put the emphasis on encouraging coaches and athletes to think long term.

HP Coaching

We believe coaching is a top priority – central to both the performance of athletes as well as a sustainable high performance system. This coach-led philosophy is highlighted as one of our key strategic priorities, to ‘partner NSOs to build world-leading coaching and high performance programme leadership’.

Thanks to the strong partnerships between coaches and NSOs, few countries can emulate our collaborative culture, which enables us to leverage coaches’ individual and collective learnings for the benefit of New Zealand sport.

HP Leader Capability

We connect leaders across the system through its High Performance Development Programme. This helps to support their development and improve the performance plans they make for their people and programmes.