How We Do It

Maximising Performance

364 days preparation go into the one perfect day of competition

We provide athletes with the physical, tactical and psychological skills needed to produce medal-winning performances when it matters.

To help athletes maximise their performance in competition, we focus on what’s required to get things right on the day.

Competition performance support covers the physical, mental and tactical aspects of athletes’ preparation. It’s also tailored to their particular sporting environment, which varies depending on whether it’s an individual race, race against the clock, team match, one-on-one contest or a skills-based competition against other competitors.

Our practitioners ensure athletes are in the best possible condition on competition day, giving them the capability to find that extra one percent needed to turn their performance into a medal-winning one.


medals at the Rio Olympic Games 2016


medals at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games 2018


medals at the Rio Paralympic Games 2016


medals at the Pyeongchang Paralympic Games 2018

There are many ways in which our experts provide support for competition day. It might be an effective nutritional strategy for weight-making sports. It can be performance psychology to help athletes develop the mental skills needed to deliver their best performance at the biggest tournament. We also provide tactical insights during competition, for example a Performance Analyst using technology and data to provide coaches with objective performance feedback. Some of our Competition Performance support is supplemented by technology and engineering projects, which can improve the effectiveness of kit and equipment.

We provide coaches and athletes with a sound understanding of performance via:

  • Biomechanics
  • Performance Analysis
  • Technology support

We provide psychological support via:

  • mental skills training;
  • psychological support
  • clinical psychology support


Used for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, Knowledge Edge combines the latest athlete performance data with their historical data, to give a greater insight into what was needed to improve competition performance.

Performance Psychology

Our Performance Psychologists work with coaches and athletes to develop their ability to excel in competition environments. They give athletes the mental skills required to cope with a range of situations, so they can remain technically and tactically competent under pressure.

Performance & Technique Analysis

We improve the understanding of individual and team performances by using video analysis, statistical and data mining tools, and bio-mechanical techniques. This provides coaches and athletes with a technical breakdown of their competition performance, helping them see where improvements can be made.

Knowledge Edge for Tokyo

The Knowledge Edge for Tokyo leverages short and long-term knowledge within High Performance Sport NZ and across the high performance system, to maximise impact on athlete and sport performance. 

HPSNZ’s Performance & Technique Analysis programme is supported by Quintic.