How We Do It

Optimising Training

Training programmes created to produce peak competition performance

We devise performance-driven, athlete-focused and coach-led training programmes to ensure athletes are in optimal physical condition for major competitions.

Elite athletes spend the vast majority of their time preparing for competition. And because training is daily, and likely to account for hundreds of hours each year, it’s vital to have a long-term programme which optimises its effectiveness as athletes build towards competition.

To do this, under the direction of the athlete’s coach and high performance director, we provide the right level and blend of expert practitioner support in all the areas needed to improve performance.



of experts located in the athlete daily environment


areas of performance expertise


high performance specialists

This includes our Strength & Conditioning team, who work with the athlete and coach to develop a programme that targets the specific physical needs of the athlete – working towards peaking at competition time. Our Performance Nutrition Programme is also tailored to each athlete, using the latest world-class evidence-based nutritional research to create different strategies to boost performance during training and competition phases.

Another way in which we optimise training is with Performance Physiologists, who work with coaches to monitor their athletes’ physiological and performance-related variables, and use the information to increase ongoing training effectiveness.

Performance expertise

Performance Physiology

Our performance physiologists specialise understanding how the body responds and adapts to training, competition and the environment to enhance performance.

Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning specialists develop and enhance physical capability through evidence based support. Working collaboratively with the athlete, coach and performance team, we target the individual needs of the athletes to maximise physical potential for optimal sporting performance.

Performance Nutrition

Our performance nutritionists  deliver innovative and evidence based expertise to carded athletes and coaches. We work in collaboration with the athletes performance support team to develop customised and periodised nutrition strategies specific to sporting and individual needs that positively impact performance.