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Investing to ensure more New Zealanders winning on the world stage

We allocate strategic investment and resource support to a balanced portfolio of medal capable sports and athletes to optimise system outcomes.

Across the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic cycle, almost $250 million will be invested by the Government, through High Performance Sport NZ. This investment includes Core Investment, Performance Enhancement Grants, Prime Minister’s Sports Scholarships and investment in the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) and Paralympics New Zealand.

Approximately 92% of high performance investment will be directly allocated to Sports, Athletes and Coaches.

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Investment Criteria

Investment considerations are based on four investment criteria. These include past performance; future potential; quality of the individual sport’s high performance programme and campaigns; and aspects of the individual sport context.

01. Past Performance

The National Sports Organisation’s (NSO’s) level of achievement against the agreed performance KPI’s in the Performance and Investment Schedules for the previous Investment Periods.

If there was no Performance and Investment Schedule for the previous Investment Period, then recent performances of athletes/teams in Pinnacle Event.

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02. Future Potential

The progression and trajectory of the NSO’s priority athletes towards the applicable Tier 1, 2 or 3 outcomes (if a Targeted Sport), or Campaign KPIs (if a Campaign Sport), evidenced by the athlete/teams competition results, other performance assessments and progress against the athlete development pathways (e.g. performance funnels).

03. Quality of the HP Programme & Campaign

The progress of the NSO against its HP Plan over the previous Investment Period. The content of the HP Strategic Plan and campaign plan/s for the next Investment Period, which must be clear and measurable.

The need for an NSO to have quality HP processes and performance drivers including plans, leadership, coaching, systems, structure, culture that will enable it to achieve its goals and the agreed KPIs. This may be assessed as High Performance Sport NZ sees fit including through the Performance Review, observations, athlete/s results, staff movements, stability of the HP operations etc.

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04. Individual Sport Context

Specific factors applicable to the NSO and the sport including, but not limited to:

  • The level of maturity and sophistication of the HP Programme.
  • The number of carded athletes.Its previous High Performance Sport NZ Investment history and performance against it.
  • Its total High Performance Sport NZ investment and resource allocation, including resources allocated other than Core Investment.
  • The other sources of revenue it has or can source.
  • The budgeted campaign costs.
  • The nature of the sport including the qualification process, the number of events and disciplines and format of competition programme, the field of competition.
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Investment Channels

At the core of our investment approach is our performance-driven philosophy. This philosophy is supported by five strands of investment which play a key role in strengthening New Zealand’s HP system and include:

01. Core Investment

Direct to sports to support the HP leadership, coaching, international competition, camps, pathway development, equipment and operations of targeted and campaign sports with the greatest probability of winning on the world stage.

02. Performance Enhancement Grants (PEGs)

Direct to priority athletes, both established and emerging.

03. Athlete Performance Support (APS)

To deliver integrated performance support from High Performance Sport NZ’s world leading specialists to maximise the performance of targeted athletes at international pinnacle events.

04. Prime Minister Scholarships

To assist athletes achieve tertiary and vocational qualifications while competing at the highest level, and professional development for coaches, officials and athlete support team.


05. Innovation & Technology (including Goldmine)

To deliver integrated and robust innovation, research and technology to drive increased performance in targeted funded sports.