Athlete Support

Supporting high performance athletes

As a supported athlete within the High Performance Sport New Zealand system, you can access a number of support channels to assist you in achieving your sporting and professional goals.

This includes being able to apply for scholarships to support your studies, professional development workshops and upskilling, career advice, and grants based on performances you have achieved on the world stage and a range of athlete performance supports from our team of high performance practioners.

Types of Support
Athlete Performance Support Athlete Life, Performance Nutrition, Performance Physiology
Performance Physiotherapy and Massage, Performance Psychology, Performance Therapies, Performance & Technique Analysis, Sports Medicine, Strength and Conditioning
Athlete Scholarships Athletes can receive a financial contribution towards pursuing tertiary or vocational qualifications. Types of courses that are included within the Athlete Scholarship programme include; Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Vocational, Diplomas, Certificates and Short courses. Scholarships are also available to eligible retired or decarded athletes.
Performance Enhancement Grants Performance Enhancement Grants give athletes financial support to dedicate time to training and competing and athletes are eligible to apply based on their international results at certain events in specific sports.
Professional Development The Athlete Life Programme helps athletes maximize their opportunities and minimise performance constraints through workshops, work experience, career development, and networking through tertiary and business opportunities.
Other Athlete Life Support Support via the Athlete Friendly Tertiary Network, Athlete Friendly Network and Athlete Lounges.


Prime Minister's Scholarships awarded to athletes in 2021


areas of performance support for athletes


High performance specialists

Athlete Performance Support

Athlete Life

The Athlete Life Programme helps athletes maximise their performance in sport as well as in outside life.

With each athlete we develop a Life Plan which includes career, education and other life goals, helping to support them manage the transitions they make during and after their sporting careers.

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Performance Nutrition

The Performance Nutrition Programme provides world class evidence-based nutritional support to our athletes and coaches.

They tailor sport specific nutrition strategies for individual athletes during their training and competition phases, aiming to positively affect their performance on the world stage.

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Performance Physiology

Our performance physiologists specialise understanding how the body responds and adapts to training, competition and the environment to enhance performance.

Performance Psychology

Our Performance Psychologists work with coaches and athletes to develop their ability to excel in high performance environments.

They do this by sharpening the psychological, technical and tactical competencies needed to be competitive.

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Performance & Technique Analysis

We improve the understanding of individual and team performances by using video analysis, statistical and data mining tools, and bio-mechanical techniques.

This provides coaches and athletes with a technical breakdown of their competition performance, helping them see where improvements can be made.

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Performance Therapies

Our network of experienced practitioners deliver performance focussed solutions in training and competition environments.

We work collaboratively within the performance team to optimise athletic potential and minimise absence from sport due to injury through effective rehabilitation and injury prevention programmes.

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Sports Medicine

Our Doctors are experts in the delivery of sports medicine to elite athletes, having a broad understanding of health and performance.

Taking a holistic and collaborative approach to injury and illness diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, the medical team plays and important role in optimising athlete health and performance.

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Strength and Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning specialists develop and enhance physical capability through evidence based support.

Working collaboratively with the athlete, coach and performance team, we target the individual needs of the athletes to maximise physical potential for optimal sporting performance.

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Athlete Scholarship Programme


Prime Minister’s Athlete Scholarships allow athletes to undertake tertiary study and vocational qualifications while pursuing elite level sport at the same time.

The scholarship scheme also helps retiring athletes move smoothly into another career once their sporting careers are over.

The purpose of the Athlete Scholarship Programme is to invest in educational opportunities that enable world leading performances from New Zealand’s top athletic talent, by assisting athletes to develop holistically outside sport in ways that contribute towards their post-athletic career and enable the sustainability of our athlete talent pool.

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Who is it for (eligibility):

Eligibility is based on the applicant satisfying all of the following criteria:

  • Be a New Zealand citizen.
  • Be identified by HPSNZ as one of the following:
  1. A Carded Athlete within a HPSNZ Targeted Sport or within a HPSNZ Campaign Investment Sport
  2. An athlete within a Targeted Sport (or in special cases a Campaign Investment Sport) who is likely to become carded within the next 6 months and as agreed by HPSNZ, or
  3. In special cases, at the discretion of HPSNZ, an athlete in a non-Carded Campaign Investment Sport.
  • The proposed study must fit within the athlete’s Individual Performance Plan (IPP) for the next 12-month period, with study requirements that do not restrict the athlete’s ability to commit to their agreed national training and competition plans.
  • Submit a complete application.
  • Be endorsed by their NSO and HPSNZ leading up to and during the scholarship, which includes having an agreed study plan and/or development plan.
  • Have met all athlete requirements whilst studying under the scholarship in the previous 12 months, unless HPSNZ agrees otherwise (athletes re-applying for a scholarship only).
  • To be eligible, the qualification sought by the applicant must appear on the New Zealand Register of Quality Assured Qualifications, found at
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What it involves:

The programme provides support in:

  • A financial contribution towards academic fees (up to a maximum of $10,000 per year including GST if applicable)
  • A financial contribution towards other study costs (up to a maximum of $5,000 per year including GST if applicable), referred to as the Study Support Allowance (SSA), which may include living expenses, study expenses (for example, exam-related fees), and books.
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How and when to apply:

There are two scholarship intakes per annum:

  • Applications for the primary intake of the athlete scholarship programme closes at 5pm, 30 November and are for the purpose of education in the following academic year. NSOs may in partnership with HPSNZ stipulate and earlier closing date however this will be no later than 30 November.
  • Applications for the secondary intake close 5pm, 31 May, are by invitation only and for the purpose of education in the second 6-month period of the current academic year (note that the secondary intake is subject to available Prime Minister’s Scholarship Programme funds).


Contact your Athlete Life Advisor if you are intending to apply for a scholarship.

It is recommended that you complete a draft application to prepare you for the online submission process.

A completed study plan is compulsory for all applicants and must be signed off by your Athlete Life Advisor and endorsed by your NSO.

All scholarship related documents and access to the application portal can be found in the useful links section to the left of this page. Early applications for each intake are appreciated but will not be considered until after the closing date.

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Likelihood of success:

The demand for scholarships typically exceeds the financial resources available so it is unlikely that all applicants will receive a scholarship.

Applications are assessed and prioritised by a High Performance Sport NZ panel, comprised of people with skills in high performance programme management, scholarship management and performance services.

For more information relating to the Selection Criteria and Priorities please refer to schedule 1 of the programme guide.

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Who to contact:

Angela Senn, Prime Minister’s Scholarship Administrator,, or your Athlete Life Advisor.

Performance Enhancement Grants


The aim of the PEGs Programme is to provide athletes and teams with direct financial support to enable them to commit to longer periods of training and competition, which are necessary if they are to progress and achieve podia placings in international pinnacle sports events.

Who is it for (eligibility):

PEGs are for use by athletes directly, even though they are usually paid through an NSO

There are five categories of PEGs that may be granted:

  • Olympic Individual;
  • Olympic Team;
  • Non-Olympic Individual;
  • Non-Olympic Team; and
  • Emerging Talent.
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What it involves and how to apply

For all PEGs categories, other than Emerging Talent PEGs, the process for granting PEGs is as follows:

  • Step 1: NSOs, from which athletes are eligible to seek PEGs, must be designated by HPSNZ to be PEGs Qualifying Sports
  • Step 2: The athletes and teams from each PEGs Qualifying Sport, who may be considered for PEGs, must be eligible
  • Step 3: The PEGs Qualifying Sports agree with HPSNZ on the PEGs Qualifying Events and Agreed Performance Standards
  • Step 4: After the PEGs Qualifying Events, the PEGs Qualifying Sport nominates specific athletes and teams to HPSNZ to consider granting PEGs to them
  • Step 5: HPSNZ then assesses the performances of the athletes and teams against the Agreed Performance Standards at the PEGs Qualifying Event and decides whether or not to grant PEGs
  • Step 6: HPSNZ makes payments via the PEGs Qualifying Sport to the athlete(s) and teams who were granted PEGs (PEGs recipients)
  • Step 7: PEGs recipients and PEGs Qualifying Sports must comply with the terms and conditions associated with being a PEGs recipient and the granting of PEGs
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