Coach Support

Supporting high performance coaches

Because great coaching is critical to athlete performance, High Performance Sport NZ offers New Zealand’s leading coaches access to our Coach Performance Programme (CPP).

The Coach Performance Programme is made up of 5 components:

  • Scholarships
  • Workshops
  • Campaign leadership training
  • 1:1 support
  • The Coach Accelerator Programme


Female Coaches on the Te Hāpaitanga Programme (2020/2021)


Carded Coaches


Coach Accelerator Programme Graduates (2009 – 2019)


Coach Accelerator Programme Participants (2020/2021)

Coach Scholarships Programme


To invest into specific individual or group professional development projects.

Who can apply:

There are two types of scholarship:

  • Individual – for projects that focus on individual professional development requirements.
  • Group – for project that focus on two or more coaches who share a set of professional development requirements.


Applications will be considered from:

  • Coaches working with high performance athletes,
  • Coaches working directly in high performance environments,
  • NSO HP Leaders on behalf of coaches in their NSO,
  • HPSNZ Coaching Team members on behalf of coaches from across a number of sports.


Note: Applications must be explicitly endorsed by the relevant NSOs and a member of the HP Coaching Team.

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What it involves:

Any project – individual or group – must be submitted through the online application portal.

Applicants must provide information on themselves and the specific professional development project being proposed. Applicants are also required to submit specific documentation in support of the application. All requirements must be met for the application to be considered.

All eligible applications are reviewed by a panel. The panel considers the relative merits of all proposed projects and reaches decisions on which will be approved and which declined.

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How and when to apply:

HPSNZ offers two scholarship intakes per annum:

  • Intake 1: 5pm, November 30.
  • Intake 2: 5pm, April 30.


  • Early applications are appreciated but will not be considered until after the closing date.
  • Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria should contact their NSO or HPSNZ in advance of their application as each organisation may have additional eligibility criteria.
  • Applications are made online via the HPSNZ Prime Minister’s Scholarship management system at
  • Applications received throughout the year outside the stipulated intakes may only be considered at the discretion of HPSNZ on a case-by-case basis and if funds permit.
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Who to contact:

Angela Senn, Prime Minister’s Scholarship Administrator,

High Performance Coach Workshop Programme


The content and design of workshops aims to stimulate thinking, provoke discussion and lead coaches to consider areas where they can develop their coaching practice.

Workshops show HPSNZ’s commitment to collaboration as a source of competitive advantage for New Zealand and to the related strategy of building and connecting our Coaching Community.

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Who can apply

The primary audience is carded coaches. Opportunities for a wider audiences to attend are communicated directly by the HPSNZ Coaching Team &/or via NSOs.

What it involves

Workshops are arranged in response to specific needs or new opportunities. Accordingly, the number available and the scheduling varies from year to year.

To enable coaches to attend to their core coaching duties, workshops typically run from 10am to 3pm in locations that are as convenient as possible to those attending.

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How and when to apply

Workshop invitations are distributed by email. Invitation emails link directly to an online registration system. Confirmations are sent to registered participants.

Who to contact (include email and phone)

Tristan Collins, High Performance Coaching Consultant

Coach Campaign Leadership Programme


To build and share the knowledge, skills and expertise that coaches need to lead campaigns.

Who is it for

The primary audience is carded coaches.

Acceptance of applications from outside the primary audience is at the discretion of HPSNZ.

Applicants must:

Have Identified and agreed the need with their HPCC and HPD

Demonstrate a readiness to learn, and a commitment to applying their learning on the job

Be available for all four forums


Entry to the programme is open to up to 14 coaches.

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What it involves

The Coach Campaign Leadership Programme consists of four 2 or 3 day workshops over five months beginning in October and finishing in February annually.

Content is tied to the day to day work of the coach in their current campaign, with specific focus on:

  • The coach’s role in leading a campaign
  • Understanding what it takes to win
  • Campaign planning to Tokyo (or other relevant pinnacle event)
  • Leading their support team.


Coaches on the programme will learn through sharing knowledge and expertise with coaches across sport, and by working with leading ‘experts’.

Previous presenters have included Gordon Walker (coach of Olympic Champion Lisa Carrington), Eddie Kohlhase (Coach of 2013 World Champion Men’s Black Sox Softball Team), David Slyfield (Campaign Consultant for multiple Olympic medal winners), Christian Penny (Director, Toi Whakaari) and the Commanding Officer, NZSAS.

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How and when to apply

Prospective candidates will be invited to apply. An application form will be available from the HPSNZ Coaching Team.

Who to contact: 

Your NSO High Performance Director and/or HPSNZ Coaching Team.

1:1 Coach Support


To provide 1:1 coach support from a member of the HPSNZ Coaching Team that assists coaches to reflect on, explore and develop their coaching practice, and provide athletes with the coaching they need.

Who is it for (eligibility)

Carded coaches as identified by NSOs and agreed with HPSNZ HP Coaching Team.

What it involves

The relationship is lead by the coach. Because so much learning occurs on the job, an action learning approach features strongly in 1:1 interaction, with the coach seeking direct feedback on her or his environment and practice over a succession of observations and debrief meetings.

In addition to action learning, the coach is encouraged develop their own a Professional Development Plan to support and guide her or his learning and career progression.

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How and when to apply

1:1 support is available to carded coaches. No application is required.

Who to contact

The lead HP Coaching Consultant for your sport will contact the coach upon confirmation of carding.

Coach Accelerator Programme (CAP)


To accelerate the development of emerging high performance coaches who are capable of coaching athletes to become World and Olympic champions.

Who is eligible?
  • Current coaches of elite athletes and teams
  • High potential future coaches of elite athletes and teams
  • Development level coaches who are identified by NSO’s as integral members of the high performance programme
  • High performance personnel who, in the opinion of NSO’s, have the potential to become high performance coaches and are in the HP coaching pathway of the NSO


Applicants must:

  • Be coaching performance or elite athletes
  • Demonstrate a commitment to learning and applying their learning on the job
  • Commit fully engage in the programme
  • Contribute to the cohort of coaches
  • Demonstrate a commitment to work ethically and meet the expectations of their NSO, HPSNZ and the wider community.
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What it involves?

The Coach Accelerator Programme (CAP) offers distinctive and unique high performance coach development over three years.

Small diverse cohorts continue their coaching practice while engaging in individualised development opportunities as well as an intensive series of planned activities that integrate facilitators and participants.

The Programme draws upon the principles of social construction, action learning and self-awareness through critical self-reflection. It focuses on the application of coaching and leadership principles and practices within each participant’s coaching context.

The programme consists of 10 four-day residentials arranged over a three year period.

The first residential is January/February each year. The programme’s facilitators command international standing in their chosen fields.

CAP alumni coaches also contribute to the programme. They include many world champions  and medal winning coaches.

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How and when to apply?

By application.


Applications must be endorsed by the relevant NSO’s High Performance Director and a member of the HPSNZ Coaching Team.

Application forms are available from the HPSNZ Coaching Team or from the coach’s NSO.

Application are due by the end of September each year.

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Who should I contact?

The Coach Accelerator Manager.