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Anna Grimaldi

All that work we did over the last 5 years has come together…we are making big leaps!” Proud New Zealander Anna Grimaldi reflects on what it means for her to wear the silver fern and shares her excitement for Tokyo 2020.

Holly Robinson

Paralympic Games and how Holly’s positive mental space has helped preparations.

Corbin Hart

Para canoe has been a positive way back into sport after a life changing accident for the inspirational Corbin Hart, who is attending his first Paralympic Games a little over a year after losing his leg.

Scott Martlew

I’m ready to put all that hard work we’ve been doing down in Christchurch on show.” Para canoe athlete Scott Martlew has been doing the hard yards with his High Performance Sport team down in Christchurch and is all ready to race in Tokyo.

Nikita Howarth

Nikita Howarth has had a rough ride to Tokyo after breaking her arm on a skateboard. She’s bounced back and is now ready to represent New Zealand at her third Paralympic Games in Para swimming.

Eltje Malzbender

“I just focus on trying to ride really well.” In 2016, Eltje Malzbender had a serious accident that left her in a coma for two and a half months. After 14 months of rehab, Eltje was back on a trike, and competitive as ever, she is gearing up for her first Paralympic Games.

Michael Johnson

“It’s all those hours of preparation that comes into your first shot.” Target shooter Michael Johnson will be attending his fifth Paralympic Games in Tokyo. He shares some innovative heat training tips that form part of his preparation, and discusses getting in the zone before he pulls the trigger.

Nicole Murray

“I want to push myself out of my comfort zone and achieve things that I sometimes struggle to believe that I can.” Para cyclist Nicole Murray discusses the support she has had in her Tokyo campaign, and shares some words of advice for aspiring Paralympians.

Lisa Adams

“She’s definitely been my biggest inspiration” Lisa and Dame Valerie Adams talk about their unique relationship as sisters, mothers and their athlete/coach relationship.

Ben Tuimaseve

Shot putter Ben Tuimaseve listens to music to get into the groove before he does his dance in the shot put circle. Ben also shares some words of advice for up and coming Para athletes.

Jesse Reynolds

“What’s inspired me to push hard is getting on the podium for New Zealand.” Para swimmer Jesse Reynolds talks through what it takes to be a top competitive swimmer as he prepares for his second Paralympic Games.

Sophie Pascoe

“I hope my legacy overall is something that people will look up to and be inspired by.” NZ Paralympic legend Sophie Pascoe speaks about her time in lockdown and the changes in her training program due to the postponement of the Games. Sophie also reflects on her hopes to inspire the next generation of young kiwis through her achievements in para swimming.

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