Women in High Performance Sport Residency Fund

The HPSNZ Women in High Performance Sport Residency Fund recognises that diversity and inclusion does not happen by chance, rather it requires structural and organisational change, and in some instances, temporary special measures are needed.

A diverse group of talented, highly capable, future female leaders and high performance coaches is being developed through the Residency Fund, which supports fixed term employment opportunities within NSOs’ high performance programmes.  

Sustained commitment and a willingness to challenge existing work models and structures are essential for an increase in female leaders in high performance sport in New Zealand. The integration of a diverse cohort of leaders gives NSOs and partners the opportunity to critically assess their workplace culture, values and behaviours and to improve diversity and inclusion. 

Women in High Performance Sport Residency Fund positions

  • Sarah Blake, High Performance Programmes Lead, Cycling New Zealand 
  • Rosie Chapman, Women’s Sailing Manager, Yachting New Zealand 
  • Tanya Hamilton, High Performance Manager, Surf Life Saving New Zealand 
  • Melinda Hodgson, High Performance Programmes Manager, Basketball New Zealand 
  • Esther Molloy, Silver Ferns Manager and High Performance Programmes Manager, Netball New Zealand 
  • Michelle Wood, Performance Services Manager, Snow Sports New Zealand 
  • Kari Carswell, Women’s Residency Coach, New Zealand Cricket 
  • Natalie Lawrence – Future Ferns Domestic Programme Assistant Manager, WU20’S Assistant Coach, Coach Mentor, Football New Zealand


Women in HP Sport Residency Fund Guidelines

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