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What We Do

Our Vision & Values

Inspiring the nation through winning on the world stage

Our vision is to inspire the nation through more New Zealanders winning on the world stage at Olympic and Paralympic Games and world championships in targeted sports.

The Government invests in high performance sport for the many benefits it brings to the whole country, including the national pride we feel when we see New Zealanders standing on the podium.

Our most successful athletes act as role models, and their performances add fuel to the dreams of others. They also inspire other New Zealanders to be successful, whether this is in sport or other endeavours. Having New Zealanders winning on the world stage builds identity and promotes New Zealand as a successful nation internationally.

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Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Our Strategic Plan 2017-2020 sets out the strategy to achieve our vision of More New Zealanders winning on the world stage.

It is for this purpose that High Performance Sport NZ was established in 2011–to create a performance-driven, athlete-focused and coach-led system, which provides athletes with world-class support services and facilities, so they can focus solely on performance. We work collaboratively with partners, harness world-leading best practice and, as a one-stop-shop, are able to respond quickly and decisively to meet the needs of our athletes. This gives us a competitive advantage over other nations.

The foundation for this system was laid by the three organisations which merged to create High Performance Sport NZ as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sport New Zealand, the Crown agency that oversees sport and recreation in New Zealand. High Performance Sport NZ and Sport NZ work closely together to ensure there is an integrated pathway from community to high performance sport.

We also work closely with our key partners, including national sport organisations (NSOs), the New Zealand Olympic Committee, and Paralympics New Zealand.

This plan has been developed in consultation with key stakeholders, both internal and external to High Performance Sport NZ , who share and contribute to our vision of More New Zealanders winning on the world stage. Our collective efforts will be required to build and sustain New Zealand as a leading sports nation.

Our Vision

Inspiring the nation through more New Zealanders winning on the world stage at Olympic/Paralympic Games and World Championships with a focus on targeted sports

Our Mission

Creating a world-leading, sustainable high performance sport system

Our Philosophy

Performance-driven, Athlete-focused, Coach-led

  • Challenge and be challenged
  • Achieve highest international standard
  • Continuous improvement
  • Solutions-focused, without compromise
  • Build trust
  • Earn mutual respect
  • Deliver on expectations
  • Be open and honest
  • Purposeful integration
  • Understanding roles and impact
  • Aligned to priorities
  • Right people at the right time

Retain, develop and attract people who can provide sustained world-leading support to enhance NSO, coach and athlete performance. Excellence in governance and leadership.

Culture and Environment

Provide an HP environment and promote a culture of excellence through our people, resources and facilities.

Planning and Monitoring

Use world-leading needs analysis, planning and monitoring to enhance performance.

Immersion and Integration

Engage and embed support in sports and campaigns with the capability and knowledge to impact performance.


Proactively develop and apply world-leading innovations to create a competitive advantage for New Zealand.


Capture and leverage knowledge, learning and world-leading best practice across the HP System to enhance performance.