Our Strategy

Our vision - Inspiring Performance Every Day

Everybody in the high performance system – athletes, coaches and support staff – can inspire through their performances: from winning on the world stage in a way that makes us proud, to how they interact with each other and with the wider community as role models and ambassadors.

Inspiring performance happens all the time, not only at pinnacle events but also in training, through the stories we share and in the day-to-day sacrifices we make to reach our goals.

Realising this vision will mean more people inspired by their engagement with high performance sport, enhancing their sense of belonging and connection to Aotearoa New Zealand.


2024 Strategic Plan (PDF 4.3MB) | Interactive version (issuu.com)


2024 Strategy highlights

Our 2024 Strategy brings to life the three key system shifts from the 2032 High Performance System Strategy.  

Strategic Priority #1
Performance Pathways

Greatly enhanced performance pathways for athletes and coaches delivering an accessible national performance network (national performance hubs and regional performance pods) for the development of future talent, while providing our elite athletes and coaches with the support they need to become world class.

Strategic Priority #2
Wellbeing and Engagement

Enriching performance environments that empower and support individuals to reach their potential and enhance their ability to thrive in their sporting and non-sporting lives.

Strategic Priority #3
Funding and Investment

An expanded and more agile funding and investment framework, enabling investment in more sports through an Aspirational Fund, more athletes to be identified earlier and more communities engaged and inspired by New Zealand’s success.

For key initiatives in each of the three shifts download Strategy Highlights.