The Thinking Behind Our Work

In October 2020 HPSNZ partnered with NSOs and the HP Coach Advisory Group to develop a shared philosophy regarding HP coaching pathways.

The following questions were posed in order to generate alignment and accelerate performance impact across the system:

  • What are the fundamentals of a HP coaching pathway?
  • How is the coaching pathway connected to the athlete pathway?

HP Coaching Pathways Framework

The following framework was developed to establish a clear set of fundamental principles relating to HP coaching pathways. Eight key principles were identified across a range of critical factors. A visual representation of the various HP coaching roles and related pathways were defined in order to demonstrate the dynamic and sport specific nature of HP coaching pathways. The framework now forms the basis of a shared language, philosophy and practice across the New Zealand HP system.

Pathway Principles
Personal Commitment Successful coaching is marked by commitment and passion for coaching.
Athlete Need The care and wellbeing of athletes is at the heart of coaching.
Performance Driven The purpose of coaching is for the athlete to realize their athlete performance potential.
Interdisciplinary Practice Coaching is a social process underpinned by knowledge and experience from a range of expertise.
Nature of development Coach development is a constant non-linear process, integrating theory experiential and experimental learning.
Multi directional pathways There are multiple entry points and coaches can move vertically and horizontally in the HP System.
Diversity and Inclusion Leveraging and celebrating a New Zealand way in coaches’ backgrounds is a competitive advantage.
NSO Ownership NSOs have a leadership responsibility to create and deliver the conditions for success.

To demonstrate how coaching practice changes throughout the athlete pathway from pre HP to HP a set of key coaching requirements were identified. Understanding these requirements is key to ensuring that athletes get the coaching they need but also provides a clear focus to ensure that coaching expertise is continuously developed as athletes move through the pathway.  


For further information on our pathway philosophy,  please contact  

Daryl Gibson
Head of HP Coaching