Athlete Pathways

Pathway to sustainable success

HPSNZ’s focus on developing a truly integrated end-to-end performance pathway is designed to better identify and develop potential talent, better support our high performance athletes and coaches, and retain more talent in high performance sport following retirement from competition.

Our Athlete Performance Pathway aims to seek out and support athletes from development through to high performance and beyond.  

HPSNZ is focussed on clear, consistent and connected sport-led pathways that see our most promising athletes, and their support networks perform and thrive in sport and in life.  

We recognise that up-and-coming athletes and coaches have different needs to more established athletes and coaches, requiring appropriate support and opportunities to nurture their talent and optimise their development. So our team works closely with NSOs to ensure athletes and coaches understand where they are on the performance pathway, what it will take to achieve their goals, and what support is available to them.  

Access to facilities, support and expertise closer to home and existing support networks is made possible for developing athletes and coaches through our network of national and regional training centres. While those already competing and coaching on the world-stage and at pinnacle events have access to tailored performance support giving them the best chance of performing to their highest potential.  

Our focus on Wellbeing and Engagement and Funding and Investment will also be critical to sustainable Performance Pathways.  

We’re investing more than ever before in direct financial support for athletes, supporting more athletes and investing in more sports. We are also working with NSOs to enhance their performance and training environments to empower and support individuals to reach their potential and thrive in their sporting and non-sporting lives.