Our Coaching Strategy

Our Strategic Focus

Our vision: “Quality coaching is driving sustainable success across the athlete pathway”

Since the first national coaching strategy in 2004, New Zealand has always placed significant importance on the role of HP coaches in achieving international success. The emergence of performance pathways as the key strategic anchor within HPSNZ’s 2024 strategy further highlights the central role that HP coaches will play as the kaitiaki (guardian) of athlete performance pathways in New Zealand.   

A recent evaluation of the current state of HP coaching across the New Zealand HP system has identified the following key priorities and desired outcomes relating to HPSNZ’s 2024 strategy.

Our 2024 Priorities Desired Outcomes
1. Retain our most successful coaches and provide tailored support designed to sustain athlete success  
  • Sustained athlete podium success. 
  • Retain podium coaches. 
  • Retain and transfer coach IP across the pathway. 
2. Identify the next generation of HP coaches and develop their capability with next cycle success in mind 
  • Identified Next Cycle Coaches 
  • Improve Core HP Coaching Capability  
  • Demonstrated Athlete Pathway Progression 
  • Transition more female HP coaches into employment. 
3. Partner with NSOs to enhance system capability to lead HP coaching and upskill their coaches 
  • Visible, Accessible & Effective HP Coaching Pathways 
  • Enhance NSO Capability  
  • Improve NSO System Effectiveness  

For further information on our strategic focus please contact  

Daryl Gibson, Head of HP Coaching, HPSNZ
T: +6421 956 856