Wellbeing Programme

Growing people to realise their potential in performance environments where wellbeing is an enabler of performance success.

We believe wellbeing can provide a performance advantage for our high performance athletes.  Wellbeing services are already a fundamental part of our holistic support for athletes. 

Health focussed performance medicine, nutrition, physiotherapy and massage go hand in hand with support and coaching in areas such as professional development, transitions, and life balance to maximise performance and wellbeing in sport and life. 

Continuous improvement is vital and HPSNZ has outlined a strategic shift to work together with sports to ensure their training and performance environments enhance wellbeing. HPSNZ’s focus is to ensure that system-wide we work in partnership with NSOs to strive for wellbeing in the same way we strive for podium success.  

Performance Pathways are at the centre of our 2024 Strategy, supported by a national network of training facilities and support people  helping build a connected country where current and aspiring athletes get the right support at the right time, while closer to home. Alongside that, HPSNZ’s Funding and Investment framework is designed to maintain the targeted approach that has helped deliver ongoing international success for Kiwi athletes, while increasing support for the wellbeing of all those in the system

We accept that not one size fits all, that wellbeing will mean different things to different people, and that we can learn from each other. Our approach will be to work with sports, and with individuals across the high performance system, to define what the keystones to wellbeing are within their unique performance environments. 

The goal of our wellbeing work is to ensure that being on a high performance pathway is a rewarding experience. We’re focused on growing people, helping them to realise their potential, and ensuring every individual is empowered to make choices and have their voice heard at every stage of their pathway.  

The guiding principles central to our wellbeing programme:
Transparency   Open lines of communication at all levels; information is clear, accessible, consistent and accurate. 
Inclusion  Differences are acknowledged and embraced; people are confident they will be treated fairly, respectfully and can contribute to the team’s success. 
Continuous Growth   Learning and development is prioritised; meaningful feedback mechanisms inform future direction and decision making. 

What it means for me?


‘I can contribute to the conversations and decisions that will impact my training and performance’ 

‘I know I can raise questions and concerns and am confident they will be acted on’ 

‘People genuinely care about me, my wellbeing and my development and I know who to go to when I need help’ 

‘I am informed and empowered to make the decisions that are right for me’  


‘I have a greater connection to the athletes and other coaches throughout the regions’ 

‘I understand how to create enriching performance environments’  

‘I appreciate the importance of wellbeing and how it contributes to performance outcomes’ 

‘I understand how to identify and respond to athletes who may be struggling’ 

Sports – NSOs 

‘We understand the importance of creating environments that are inclusive and diverse, and promote trust, respect and belonging.’ 

‘We are connected to and are proud of our New Zealand sporting heritage’ 

‘We have the capability to ensure that wellbeing is reinforced and integrated into the way we work’