Improving performance through intelligence

Our team of Data Analysts, Software Developers, and Insights Researchers deliver an intelligence work programme that uses a variety of qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to deliver actionable insights that support decision making across the high performance sports system.

HPSNZ intelligence strategy is designed to ensure effective data flow, data governance, and quality assurance of evidence for informing decisions.

Trent Lawton, Acting Head of Intelligence and Systems

“I enjoy helping colleagues analyse their data to show insights and opportunities for sports and athletes. Supporting coaches by capturing their insights and linking those to the insights in the data to track progress is rewarding because it creates learning opportunities.”

Alan Carlsson, Athlete Monitoring Systems Lead

“I love working with our professionals seeking to better understand their field. Especially when we can challenge or validate assumptions, which allows us to make more informed decisions. It is very rewarding when a project provides athletes with a deeper understanding of who they are and what they do and contributes to their pursuit of excellence.”

For further information on our Intelligence Services please contact:

Trent Lawton
Acting Head of Intelligence and Systems, HPSNZ