Women in High Performance Sport

Female athletes significantly contribute to New Zealand’s success on the international sporting stage, yet females remain significantly under-represented in high performance sport leadership and coaching roles.

In October 2018, the Minister for Sport and Recreation, Grant Robertson, announced $2.7 million to fund the Women in High Performance Sport pilot project designed to address systemic issues associated with gender equity in high performance sport. As a result of early success in the pilot, HPSNZ has committed to our Women in High Performance initiatives as an ongoing strategic priority. 

The work HPSNZ is doing reflects the principles of the Women and Girls in Sport and Active Recreation Strategy and is delivering on one of its 24 commitments: Commitment #8 – Deliver initiatives to increase the number of women in leadership and coaching roles within the high performance system. 

The integrated approach to Women in High Performance Sport aims to create the right environment and opportunities for more women in high performance leadership and coaching positions. There are three core streams of work that focuses on leadership, coaching and the high performance sport working environment.  

Our three project streams…
Leadership – WHPS Residency Experience Provision of opportunities that will enable a diverse cohort of talented, highly capable, future female high performance leaders and coaches to gain real world high performance experience, through offering a range of fixed term employment options within NSOs as well as wider growth and development experience facilitated by HPSNZ. 
Coaching – Te Hāpaitanga  Our high performance coach initiative designed to grow the talent pool of emerging and future women high performance coaches. 
High Performance Environment – WHPS Network  Establishment of a network to collaborate with NSOs to foster sustainable and inclusive high performance sport environments.

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