Targeted Investment Framework

The HPSNZ 2024 Strategy introduced a new Targeted Investment Framework to help achieve the following key goals.
  • Performance Pathways – significantly enhanced performance pathways delivering a culturally accessible national performance network for the development of future talent, while providing our elite athletes with the support they need to become world class.
  • Wellbeing & Engagement – Enriching performance environments that empower and support individuals to optimise their potential and enhance their ability to thrive in their sporting and non-sporting lives.

This Investment Framework enables HPSNZ to allocate investment and support effectively and transparently. It outlines our overarching investment principles, components of investment and our priorities.

Investment is based on an agreed performance pathway within each sport, and the number of campaigns, athletes and coaches involved.

Wellbeing is an overarching consideration in investment decisions. This underlines our commitment to a system wide focus on wellbeing.




Aspirational Fund 

HPSNZ is investing in more sports and athletes than ever before through a contestable Aspirational Sport Investment Fund. The Aspirational Fund will help grow diversity and inclusion in high performance sport, increasing culturally diverse pathways and ultimately delivering more performances that inspire our nation.

HPSNZ’s vision is about creating inspiration through performance. The Aspirational Fund will be allocated to sports that support that vision and progress the Sport NZ Group’s diversity and inclusion objectives.  

Our highly targeted funding model, which has delivered significant success, remains in place to build on New Zealand’s record of podium performances on the world stage, while we can now support a broader range of sports to achieve results that inspire New Zealanders.

Sports we invest in

HPSNZ invests in Podium Sports and Aspirational Sports. 

Podium Sports

These sports have a consistent recent history of podium performances at pinnacle events and are highly likely to deliver podium performances at future pinnacle events. They’re contributing significantly to HPSNZ’s international performance targets.

Aspirational Sports

These sports have the potential to inspire the nation and its communities and potentially deliver podium performances now or in the future.

Types of Investment 

The amount of investment and support (financial, expertise and capability support) to either Podium Sports or Aspirational Sports is made up of the following targeted areas of investment. 

Campaign Investment

Targeted investment in priority campaigns focused on performance outcomes within this pinnacle event cycle.  

Performance Pathways Investment

Targeted investment in pathways that support athletes and coaches progress for future performance outcomes.  

Wellbeing Investment

Investment in specific wellbeing initiatives that enhance NSOs’ performance environments.  

Tailored Athlete Pathway Support

Base Training Grants or Development Training Grants – Excellence Grants – Medical insurance premiums – Access to apply for Prime Minister’s Athlete Scholarships. 

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Performance Support

Performance Health, Physiology, Strength and Conditioning, Performance Life Coaching, Psychology, Nutrition, Performance Therapies (Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy), Performance and Technique Analysis.

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HP Capability Support

Performance Team Leadership expertise and support, HP athlete pathway expertise, HP coaching pathway expertise and resources, HP leadership capability programme resources, Campaign planning support resources, Intelligence support and resources including Knowledge Edge, Innovation including Goldmine resources, access to apply for Prime Minister’s Coach, Officials and Support Team Scholarships.

Preparation and Games-Time Investment

Investment in Peak Bodies (NZOC, PNZ) for the specific purpose of Games-time preparation and delivery support for New Zealand teams at Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games.