2032 HP System Strategy

Creating an integrated, competitive, agile high performance sport system for the future.

The 2032 HP System Strategy is a living roadmap that sets out what the High Performance Sport System as a whole in New Zealand needs to achieve between now and 2032 and how it will go about this.

It provides a whole of system view and contains 12 workstreams that span the breadth of the New Zealand High Performance system.

Strategy Development

Throughout 2019, the 2032 High Performance System Strategy was developed collaboratively by representatives of New Zealand’s High Performance Sport System and external advisors who were selected based on their individual knowledge, skills, experience and viewpoints.

Importantly, this process generated widespread inputs from across the high performance sport system as well as widespread consultation within the sector.

The development of the strategy was led by a 14-member steering committee made up of representatives from Olympic and non-Olympic sports, HPSNZ and Sport NZ reps, and Athlete’s Federations. The HPSNZ-led advisory groups had a total of 67 members (36 of them externals), while the HPSNZ-led working groups had 64 members. Sport New Zealand led two advisory groups and two working groups over and above that.

The outcome was a strategy that identifies clearly and prioritises what the high performance sport system must achieve over the next three Olympic and Paralympic cycles.

The Strategy

New Zealand’s sporting heritage is proud, and our system has delivered world class results in recent years. But it is stretched and stressed in the face of current demands, let alone emerging trends and the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With these challenges in mind we need a high performance sports system that is innovative, sustainable, can adapt to change as well as leveraging and enhancing New Zealanders’ unique sense of identity.

This strategy aims to deliver a world leading system that powers New Zealand to sustainable success on the world stage and leverages that success to inspire the nation and its communities, with outcomes that are both aspirational and achievable.

At its core is the need to invest in the wellbeing of all people within the system and be smart with our resources. This will deliver excellence within our system and contribute to broader government outcomes by positively impacting the wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

2032 High Performance System Strategy Summary Document

2032 High Performance System Strategy Summary (PDF) | Interactive version (issuu.com)