July 2022,

High Performance Sport New Zealand announces next steps in response to Independent Inquiry Report

High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) has released a 10-point action plan in response to the Independent Inquiry Report, which was commissioned following the passing of cyclist Olivia Podmore.

The report made more than 90 recommendations for HPSNZ and Cycling New Zealand to consider.

After carefully reviewing the report, and undertaking consultation with staff that are working and living in the daily high performance environments, HPSNZ has developed the action plan to address the recommendations specifically related to either HPSNZ or the broader high performance system.

The plan includes various wellbeing initiatives, steps to improve alignment between regional and national pathways, improved data management systems and the appointment of a Women’s Health Lead.

HPSNZ Chief Executive Raelene Castle says the report highlights the importance of ensuring wellbeing is at the heart of high performance sport, and HPSNZ is absolutely aligned with that view.

“We have acknowledged publicly that more needs to be done to ensure that HPSNZ and NSOs are creating environments where wellbeing and success can co-exist without compromise.

“We believe this action plan will achieve this focus, with HPSNZ and NSOs working together to place a direct emphasis on physical and mental wellbeing across the high performance system.”

The report acknowledged the existing individual and organisational commitment to wellbeing within HPSNZ, and Raelene Castle says HPSNZ believes there is a strong alignment between the report’s recommendations and the initiatives in HPSNZ’s current Strategy.

“We already have a lot of great work underway, including initiatives to further invest in athlete wellbeing, athlete voice and athlete pathways.  This action plan will build on this and enable us to work towards a high performance system that athletes and high performance staff have told us they are looking for.”

“This will be a team effort. We will work with Cycling New Zealand and other sports to implement the plan to further support athletes, coaches and support staff to ensure their training and performance environments are allowing them to thrive and succeed.”

The HPSNZ 10-point action plan will be monitored by the HPSNZ board on a quarterly basis.


Read the HPSNZ action plan here: HPSNZ Independent Inquiry Report Response

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