November 2022, Case Studies

Case study – Peter Kadar

A desire to add theory as well as practice in his quest to become a High Performance Director was a key trigger for Triathlon NZ’s Performance Operations Manager, Peter Kadar, in his choice of study with his Prime Minister’s scholarship.

After more than 12 years in sports management,  Peter believed extending his academic qualifications would not only help him achieve his goal to become a HPD but would also help widen his horizons and enable him to view the sports management sector through a different lens. 

Hungarian-born and with an undergraduate degree from Leeds Metropolitan University, Peter became eligible for a Prime Minister’s support staff scholarship upon receiving his New Zealand citizenship in 2017 during his time as High Performance Programme Manager at Yachting NZ. 

The Prime MInister’s scholarship enabled Peter to complete a Masters in Sport Management from Massey University although it was something of a long haul. 

Peter began his post graduate programme in the second semester of 2018 and finished in November 2021 following the Tokyo Olympics. 

“Operating with only four to five hours sleep became the norm as I had to not only balance work and study commitments but also I became a dad twice during the nearly three and a half years of the study programme,” says Peter.   

A particular highlight of the post graduate programme for Peter was his second year focus on sports sociology as well as sport management.   

“Sports sociology was very new for me and extremely insightful,” says Peter.  “Simply put it is how sports impact different groups in society.” 

Peter had to reapply each year for the scholarship but the challenge has been worth it.   

“My Masters of Sports Management has provided me with extensive academic skills in the areas of business leadership and project management within the sport sector which contributed to my successful application to join Triathlon NZ earlier this year as their Performance Operations Manager. 

“I am truly thankful for the Prime Minister’s Scholarship and know I absolutely could not have completed a post graduate degree without it, nor without the support of Yachting NZ.”

Pete Kadar

About the Prime Minister’s Scholarship programme 

Prime Minister’s Scholarships support athletes, coaches, support team members and officials to gain educational or professional qualifications while continuing in sport. 

Established by the Government in 2000 to help New Zealand’s elite athletes pursue tertiary study while developing in their sport, the programme has evolved to include scholarship categories for coaches in 2002, officials in 2005 and support team members in 2006. 

The programme is administrated by HPSNZ.