May 2024, Articles

Healthy Women in Performance Sport driving change through 2024

Four key projects that will drive change are underway for HPSNZ’s Healthy Women in Performance Sport programme.

The projects have been identified as priorities in partnership with athletes and NSOs and follow through on the outcomes of a recent workshop with partners and stakeholders.  Each project has specific deliverables over the next few months.

First cab off the rank is the Start Up project which programme lead Sue Robson says is exactly that.  “The first phase of this project is to raise awareness primarily through our induction process and a suite of communications including newsletters, emails, pamphlets, posters and regular coffee mornings.  We will also be seeking more suggestions and feedback through our admin email”

The Female Health project will build on the updated HPSNZ periodic health evaluation (PHE) alongside an increase in female health specialist practitioners which, as a team, has a focus on prevention and preventative care.  “This project will help better inform decisions and be an important foundation for development of resources in our third project, Knowledge and Training.”

Partnering with Sport NZ and ACC is key to the Knowledge and Training project and will feature development of a new library which is currently being tested and will be accessible to NSOs and the public,” says Sue. “We are also working with Daryl Gibson and Craig Palmer from the HPSNZ Coaching team on the best way to initiate some new coach workshops.”

The fourth tranche, the Optimal Female Performance project, will be initiated after Paris to broaden HWiPS work to support female athletes’ self-learning and discovery journey with the release of a new Cycle Tracking app.

Access to information on all four projects is available through the Healthy Women Resource hub.  Register by sending an email to

Open access to current resources and strategy is via our website