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HPSNZ investing $131 million directly into sports to 2024

HPSNZ will invest $131 million directly into 44 National Sporting Organisations (NSOs) over the next three years. The investments are the first announced under HPSNZ’s new Targeted Investment Strategy and will see more sports and more athletes supported than ever before.

Chief Executive Raelene Castle says the investment package is designed to maintain the targeted approach that has helped deliver ongoing international success for Kiwi athletes, while increasing support for the wellbeing of those in the system and investing in a wider range of sports to achieve results that inspire New Zealanders.

“Confirming investment through to Paris 2024 will provide NSOs and their athletes with more financial security than the previous annual funding allocation and enable them to work towards pinnacle events with more certainty.”

Raelene Castle says there were outstanding presentations from NSOs that made the decisions very challenging and HPSNZ has worked closely with sports to achieve the best possible outcome.

“We are excited about the opportunities in front of us. We look forward to bringing our investment and specialist expertise to the partnership with NSOs to support their high performance programmes over the next three years.”

A total of 10 Podium Sports and 34 Aspirational Sports, 16 of which did not receive funding from HPSNZ in 2021, will benefit from the investment announced today.

“The ongoing focus on podium success will ensure we continue to fund campaigns that have the greatest chance of achieving medals. However, we are also diversifying our portfolio into sports that are growing in interest and potential and will resonate with and inspire a more diverse range of New Zealanders.”

Of the $131 million, $104m will be invested into campaigns, $25m into ensuring athletes have more direct financial support  through Tailored Athlete Pathway Support (TAPS), and $2m will be invested into helping NSOs and athletes access the performance pathways necessary to achieve their goals.

Wellbeing for athletes and all those in the high performance system is a priority in the allocated investment, which includes $19 million (over and above the $131 million) for performance support services, most of which directly benefit athlete wellbeing. A further $7.4 million is allocated to wellbeing initiatives.

The $25 million investment in direct financial support for athletes through Tailored Athlete Pathway Support (TAPS) is designed to play a key role in the performance and wellbeing of eligible athletes.

TAPS includes a base training grant for eligible athletes, which is not performance based, and aims to provide increased financial certainty for athletes.

Raelene Castle says all investment is based on the performance pathway developed and led by each sport, designed to support the identification and development of athletes and coaches who have the potential to win on the world stage.

“This is an investment not just in the Paris cycle but in the pathways that will bring us success in Los Angles in 2028, Brisbane / Gold Coast in 2032, and beyond, through the pipeline of talent they will create.”

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