October 2021, Articles

HPSNZ Investment process underway

The process to determine HPSNZ’s investment into sports for the next Olympic and Paralympic Cycle is underway, in partnership with sports themselves.

The process is based on HPSNZ’s new Targeted Investment Framework and Tailored Athlete Pathway Support (TAPS) announced earlier this year.

GM Performance Partnerships Eddie Kohlhase says both the Investment Framework and TAPS are aligned to each sport’s Performance Pathway, which is led by the sport itself.

“We’re working closely with sports to understand their pathways and their picture of performance – what they need to do to succeed on the world stage – to ensure we invest in them appropriately.”

New elements of the Targeted Investment Framework include the alignment to Performance Pathways, the integration of wellbeing criteria for investment, an Aspirational Sport Investment Fund and core funding for NSOs being guaranteed for the duration of the cycle.

“Our Strategy puts the focus on Performance Pathways and Wellbeing and Engagement, so the new investment model reflects that,” Eddie says.

The Targeted Investment Framework is designed to support the wellbeing of athletes and all those in the system, enable HPSNZ and NSOs to better prioritise investments, improve financial security for NSOs, enhance development opportunities for pre-HP athletes and support more coaches across the high performance system.

The Aspirational Fund is designed to broaden HPSNZ’s investment and while Eddie is expecting applications from sports HPSNZ currently supports, he is also expecting several sports not previously funded by HPSNZ to apply for investment.

TAPS includes a base training grant of $25,000 per annum for 240-260 high performance athletes and $10,000 per annum for 140-160 HP Potential athletes. It also features Excellence Grant top-up payments and payment of health insurance premiums for eligible athletes.

“TAPS is about providing financial support for athletes that is not purely performance based – and ensuring they receive the appropriate support for their age and stage on the pathway.”

A set of FAQs is under development to answer athletes’ questions about TAPS.

Investment decisions this year will cover all aspects of HPSNZ investment in podium and aspirational sports including core investment, TAPS, performance support for athletes and coaches and other available investment.

NSO investment applications are due to HPSNZ by mid-October and Eddie says the priority will be for he and his team to meet with NSO leaders for detailed discussions, prior to making final investment decisions to be announced in December.