April 2023, Articles

Personal development focus for Women in High Performance Sport

The commitment to fostering personal development for Women in High Performance Sport recently saw 14 women, all of whom are candidates for the 2023 Women in High Performance Sport Residency Experience, come together for a one-day workshop.

The event was conducted through the lens of ‘Me, We and World’ with sessions which helped the women learn about their own behavioural styles, the evolving consciousness of leadership, concluding with a session on active listening skills.

WHPS Lead Helene Wilson says participants enjoyed learning how to make simple changes to their own understanding and communication style to elicit more effective outcomes.

“The group gained access to tools to move themselves from a reactive to a creative state of leadership in a session they all described as ‘powerful’”, says Helene.

“The final session put most of the group outside their comfort zone as they learned how to enter into productive and engagement conversations with people they have only just met.”

The workshop concluded with a networking function at which the group was joined by NSOs as part of a thank you for their support and a forum to create new high performance connections outside their own sport.

The individual and NSO Residency Experience applications are currently going through the selection process and the successful candidates for residencies will be advised on 1 May 2023.

WHPS Lead Helene Wilson at the personal development workshop
WHPS Lead Helene Wilson at the personal development workshop