Women coaches in Aotearoa New Zealand

Profile of our coaches


In 2019, HPSNZ carried out an online survey of women who currently. or have previously, coached sport in Aotearoa New Zealand. The survey was emailed to female coaches on the HPSNZ database, sent to HPSNZ database, sent to HPSNZ partner sports, and was also shared on social media channels to reach as many women coaches as possible. Women coaching at multiple levels across the sport sector were invited to complete the survey. The respondents self selected the competition level of the athletes they coach. There were 318 completed responses, of those, 29 respondents were not currently coaching. In addition, 48 people started the survey but did not complete, so there are some questions which may include up to 366 respondents.


The biggest challenge is fitting coaching in with work and life. I love seeing athletes achieve but most of the time I can’t put the time in to get them to the very top so we are all making compromises. I need to remain in my paid work to support my family and this is important to me.