Performance Physiology

Performance Physiology – Adapting to Perform

Our Performance Physiologists specialise in understanding how the body responds and adapts to training, competition and the environment to enhance performance.

They work with athletes and coaches to monitor your physiological and performance-related variables and use the information to increase training effectiveness.

If you’re an athlete keen to find out what HPSNZ Performance Support you might be able to access based on where you are on the Performance Pathway, please talk to your national sports organisation (NSO) in the first instance.

Anna Skipper, HPSNZ Performance Physiologist, Sailing

“Being a performance physiologist is great because I get to work with a multi-disciplinary team of experts who challenge and push each other to do better for the athletes and coaches we work with.”

Lorenz Kissling, HPSNZ Performance Physiologist

“As a performance physiologist we are often designing interventions to enhance athlete adaptation. Watching athletes push their limits and achieve new personal bests is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job.”

Mathew Mildenhall, HPSNZ Performance Physiologist, Canoe Racing

“Working with athletes to provide them and their coaches with the evidence (i.e. data, research, experiences) they need to test assumptions and make decisions is really rewarding because it gives us confidence that we are turning every stone to help our athletes to prepare on the world stage.”

Carl Bradford, HPSNZ Performance Physiologist, Track Cycling

“As a Performance Physiologist I use my knowledge of how our bodies function to help structure and monitor the way athletes train, prepare and recover while having the freedom to develop and test new ideas. Being part of a specialist team, I am in a unique position to contribute in many different ways to creating moments of excellence with athletes on the way to achieving their goals.”