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COVID-19 Restrictions

The Government released its new COVID-19 Strategy on 12 September 2022, outlining protection requirements to help keep New Zealand safe with COVID-19 in the community.

This strategy replaces the Covid Protection Framework (CPF) or Traffic Light System that was in place previously.

There are no longer any restrictions for the Sports Sector (e.g. no requirements around gathering or event numbers and vaccination certificates).

Mask wearing remains mandatory in healthcare settings (including HPSNZ Performance Health Centres), but masks are no longer required in other settings (although they are encouraged).

Post arrival testing is not required for anyone flying into New Zealand (e.g. athletes and teams) however it is recommended they complete tests on day one and day five after arrival.

Household contacts no longer need to self-isolate for seven days, however it is recommended that they test daily for a five-day period.

You can view more details of the new strategy here.

Based on the evolving status of COVID-19 around the world, international travel advice is regularly updated by the New Zealand Government.

Please see the Ministry of Health website or Safe Travel website for the most up to date advice.

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