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High Performance Sport New Zealand [HPSNZ] is proud to partner with local and international companies that share our vision of inspiring performance every day.

Food Family Suppliers

Pic's Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Woodland Eggs
Harraways Oats
About the Food Family

HPSNZ is partnering with selected food companies to support the performance nutrition environment and the role food and nutrients play in the training and recovery for our elite athletes.

In return, these partners support our top athletes to succeed on the world stage at the seven performance centres and at training camps within New Zealand.

Both parties are committed to working together in good faith to create a long term sustainable partnership that builds value and credibility of the companies and for HPSNZ.

Food products are nonexclusive and are selected based on strict criteria that includes nutrition value and compatibility with the recovery and training environment.

Preferred supplier to the HPSNZ Supplement Programme

The term ‘preferred supplier’ is used by HPSNZ to describe a company that can provide product to athletes through the HPSNZ supplement programme.

A preferred supplier will have met strict criteria and high standards including providing evidence of relevant quality assurance and quality control processes, and specific risk management processes concerning contamination.

HPSNZ insists on a company’s compliance with third party supplement batch testing through a reputable laboratory that operates within the framework of the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Preferred supplier status does not imply a sponsorship arrangement.

Blis Elite Pro

The ‘friendly’ bacteria living in our mouth are the first line of defence against harmful bacteria so are important for immune health.

When a healthy balance of ‘friendly’ oral bacteria is thrown off-balance by stress, change in environment (such as when travelling or in crowded environments) or antibiotics, it can quickly lead to problems such as throat infections.

Blis Technologies discovered the world’s first oral probiotic (i.e. friendly bacteria) strain BLIS K12™,  which not only crowds out the harmful bacteria but inhibits them from coming back.

Developed in collaboration with HPSNZ, ElitePRO with BLIS K12™ is for the travelling athlete to help keep them healthy and is independently third-party tested for athletes

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BSc Body Science is a premium sports nutrition brand for New Zealand’s elite athletes.

Body Science was the first Australian sport supplement provider to achieve Informed-Sport Product Registration and the first to provide an Informed-Sport range of products in the New Zealand market place via supplier Revolution Supplements.

A select a range of products are available to and highly valued by carded athletes at HPSNZ. Founded in 1999 and based on a foundation of integrity, results, and flavour, BSc Body Science has the highest grade ingredients with true to label packaging and athlete safety and performance always top of mind.

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A Preferred Supplier to HPSNZ, CurraNZ is a high-potency, evidence-based, natural New Zealand blackcurrant extract supplement that delivers proven performance and muscle recovery gains.

CurraNZ is the result of a pioneering international sports performance research program that has identified the unique properties of this berry-fruit extract for aiding performance in elite and recreational athletes and supporting muscle recovery and immunity.

The anthocyanins in CurraNZ support muscle function through enhanced blood flow and greater oxygen uptake. Its unprecedented effect on fat oxidation and antioxidant actions help reduce fatigue factors and promote endurance, while reducing free radical generation that leads to muscle fatigue and soreness.

Free of fillers, sugars or chemicals, CurraNZ every batch is rigorously drug-tested with LGC, Britain’s leading independent drug-testing laboratory, and is the only blackcurrant product accredited with Informed-Sport worldwide.

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In November 2015 HPSNZ signed a preferred supplier relationship with Frucor, for the provision of Gatorade to its carded athletes.

Sports drinks are a critical part of the performance nutrition and hydration plans of many athletes and the Gatorade relationship allows HPSNZ Performance Nutritionists to recommend a product that is considered to be safe and efficacious.

The preferred supplier relationship follows a strict review by HPSNZ of Gatorade’s manufacturing practices and risk management for contamination and also Gatorade’s compliance with independent batch testing through a reputable laboratory against the WADA anti-doping code.

Gatorade is a large international brand, with independently tested product and a well-researched formulation. Global coverage is especially helpful as HPSNZ athletes frequently travel internationally to train and compete. Gatorade is available in over 80 countries worldwide.

Frucor, through the Gatorade preferred supplier relationship, is also supporting HPSNZ and the athletes by providing discounted orders. Gatorade is only available to athletes under this arrangement by ‘prescription’ from their HPSNZ Performance Nutritionist.

Gatorade, through its Global Sports Science Institute, also provides scientifically reviewed documentation and resources.


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Leppin Sport

Leppin Sport are proud to be a preferred supplier of Sports Nutrition products to HPSNZ.

Leppin has been at the leading edge of nutritional product development since being established in NZ in 1989 and been part of the support and success behind numerous World Champions, Olympic athletes and International Teams over that time.

Leppin advocates athlete safety first and foremost and our quality system includes 3rd party independent laboratory testing for supply of all products to carded athletes. We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality products and all natural flavourings across the product range. Manufacturing is undertaken locally using NZ made ingredients wherever possible.

As part of a joint Partnership program Leppin Sport also works closely with HPSNZ Performance Nutritionist to help optimise and tailor specifically developed products to support carded athlete.

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Natures Purest

At Natures Purest we are committed to delivering the safest, most effective omega 3 EPA supplement to New Zealand’s carded athletes.

Our advanced, ultra-pure clinical grade PharmEPA Restore product is amongst the best available and has been independently third party tested for athletes. It is research supported, expertly formulated, rigorously tested and proven to be clinically effective.

From the type of fish we use in our omega-3 oils, to the raw oil quality, capsule shell composition and packaging – each and every component in our manufacturing process is designed with safety in mind. Our quality procedures don’t end with the finished product; we batch-test our supplements throughout their shelf life to guarantee levels of key active ingredients and low oxidation.

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PowerAMP® is a sports nutrition brand based in the Southern Hemisphere who have developed a complete Certified Drug-Free range of supplements and beverages, specifically designed to meet needs of elite high performance and endurance athletes.

Every production batch of PowerAMP® sports nutrition is tested by an independent testing laboratory confirming products are contain no known banned substances.

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Pure Sports Nutrition

The PURE Sports Nutrition range is proudly produced in New Zealand and has been designed with sports science in mind.

The range provides high quality products before, during and after your training or events.  Our brand stands for premium natural products that work, containing no artificial ingredients, colours or preservatives.  Our range is made with real ingredients which are sourced where possible from within New Zealand.

As a preferred supplier to HPSNZ a selected range of products have been batch tested for WADA banned substances to ensure athletes can safely fuel training and competition with high-quality products before, during and after exercise.

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Revvies Energy Strips

Revvies Energy Strips provide a faster, safe and consistent source of caffeine. Each strip contains 40mg caffeine, less than one calorie and can be taken without water, both immediately before and during exercise.

Revvies allow greater flexibility in the developmentand implementation of nutritional plans for training and race day.

Revvies are well-tolerated during all types of exercise since they dissolve on the tongue and do not require extra energy or fluid to be absorbed.

Revvies are accredited through the Informed-Sports program meaning that every single batch is tested for WADA banned substances.

Revvies are proud to be a Preferred Supplier to HPSNZ and used by elite Kiwi athletes.

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Science in Sport

Science in Sport (SiS) are proud to be a preferred supplier of Sports Nutrition products to HPSNZ.

The SiS brand is used by professional and Olympic athletes in a range of sports, across the world and HPSNZ supported athletes can source these products in three countries (UK, Australia and New Zealand). All products manufactured by SiS are third party tested via the informed sport accreditation. This programme certifies all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the Informed-Sport logo have been tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping laboratory, LGC.  SIS are Fuelled By Science.

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Athlete Friendly Network

The Athlete Friendly Network is a community of businesses with a shared interest in helping New Zealand’s best athletes win on the world stage.

For Athletes

  • The Athlete Friendly Network connects athletes with partners who can provide access to career opportunities, quality professional services, discounted products and learning expertise.


For Business

  • The Athlete Friendly Network connects businesses interested in supporting New Zealand’s sporting heroes and offers a way for partners to leverage that support in their community. More about the benefits of joining.


Partners in the network include: 

  • Adecco
  • Devenport Primary School
  • Grad Connections
  • North Harbour club
  • School Connect
  • SPUR
  • Lazlo Boats
  • Inspiring Performance
  • English for Business
  • 2XU
  • Athlete House
  • Garmin
  • Speed Theory
  • Sportsground
  • ANZ Auckland
  • ANZ Wellington
  • Bellingham Wallace
  • Davidson Twaddle
  • GW Scott & Associates
  • Nexia New Zealand
  • Markhams Clark Craw
  • MT Space Self Storage
  • Accounted4
  • Simpson Western
  • Adair Craik Chartered Accountants
  • fifteen minutes
  • Rocketspark
  • nib Group
Athlete Friendly Network Tertiary

HPSNZ has developed the Athlete Friendly Network Tertiary Partners, a network of New Zealand universities and polytechnics which support New Zealand’s high performance athletes. Tertiary institutions in the network include: