Athlete life

The Athlete Life Programme is here to help you maximize your opportunities and minimise any constraints on your performance. We will help you plan and develop your career as an athlete and other life goals.

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Our strategies

Athlete Life Advisors work closely with athletes, coaches and National Sports Organisations. We can put you in touch with an agreed provider network through High Performance Sport NZ. We also have a well-established external network of advisors on career, employment, education, sponsorship, financial planning and media issues.

The Athlete Life Matters brochure (PDF) takes a closer look at what we do, and features athlete stories and more. 

Your Athlete Life Advisor

Most Athlete Life Advisors have a background in high performance sport, along with professional qualifications, so they understand the demands faced by elite athletes. There are currently 16 Advisors throughout New Zealand working with more than 500 athletes. Our advisors have specialised skills in areas such as counselling, psychology, and career planning.

How we work with sports and coaches

The Athlete Life Programme is well integrated with sports and coaches to help athletes maximise their performances on and off the field. For example, in the Swimming programme, Lead Advisor Susan Thomason is often on the pool deck talking to athletes in their environment. 

In a team sport, such as Football, the support team works closely together. This includes Lead Athlete Life Advisor Carolyn Donaldson liaising with the Assistant Coach, Strength and Conditioner, as well as acting as one of the Team Nutritionists. In Yachting, Lead Advisor Karin Adelinger-Smith has 10 years’ experience working with the Sport and National Programme Director to ‘help athletes and get the job done’.