Carded Coach Programme

The Carded Coach Programme provides individual support to the country's top coaches.

Programme Overview

The Carded Coach Programme assists coaches to:

  • develop their coaching capability and leadership
  • access High Performance Sport NZ resources – people, technology, equipment
  • access personal support to deal with the pressures that accompany high performance coaching.

It also helps National Sport Organisations (NSOs) develop their coaches.

Carded Coach Categories

  • Performance + (P+) coaches: needs-based priority access to High Performance Sport NZ resources with individualised support from the High Performance Coaching Team.
  • Performance (P) coaches: needs-based access to High Performance Sport NZ resources contingent on availability, with limited individualised support from the High Performance Coaching Team.

Who is eligible?

  • High Performance Coaches identified by their NSO 
  • Carded Coaches must be identified within the NSO High Performance Coach pathways and coaching carded athletes.

P+ and P coach carding category will be agreed in consultation with the High Performance Director according to programme priorities and the NSO HP Coach pathways.

Coach responsibilities

Responsibilities of the coach include: 

  • developing, implementing and monitoring a Performance and Development Plan
  • seeking regular feedback on their performance
  • prioritising learning
  • have a plan for their athletes.

National Sports Organisation (NSO) responsibilities

Responsibilities of the National Sports Organisations are to: 

  • invest time in assisting the coach develop their Performance and Development plan
  • have a position description and performance targets for the coach
  • support the coach to create time to learn and develop
  • invest in the coach’s professional development
  • review the coach’s performance.